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Venice-The Iconic Canal City of Italy

By Macy, Posted on 17 Sep, 2021 at 04:43 pm

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Venice-The Iconic Canal City of Italy

Venice, who on earth hasn't heard about this city? This sprawling city of Italy has all the charms you need for your travels! Known as the Canal City of Italy, this place offers its tourists a wide array of locations to visit, all the best local cuisines to try, and yes, ENDLESS BOATING from one place to another! Yes, you heard that right, mate!

But besides all this boating adventure, there's always a mainstream activity for which you can visit this place: its stunning architecture. Flaunting a set of beautiful bridges and town halls, this place is a one-stop for your architecture tour in Italy! Constructed on 118 islands and lagoons, this city is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987 and awarded as one of the top best sites in Italy for its architectural adventures and food!

Things to See and Do in Venice:

There are numerous ways to get the most of your trip here in this iconic Italian city. First scroll down this blog, then stroll around the city:

What’s waiting for you in Venice?

This mind-blowing place has so much to offer besides its boating adventures and architecture. Yes, these two things are the mains here, but we can't overlook the sidelines of this glorious water city, too, can we? The place offers its tourists a rich essence of Italian history of many centuries and many pond side activities, festivals to enjoy throughout your journey, fishing in the Castello district, and the 24/7 romantic vibes here; ah, fantastico! Don’t just wait like that! Plan your trip here in Venice today and reserve your spot in the Venice Hotels on the Beach this spring!

Places to Visit in Venice:

Below are the must-visit sites that you should never miss during your stay in Venice!

Saint Mark’s Basilica:

Saint Mark’s Basilica

This famous cathedral of Italy is the best cathedral for its iconic exterior and stunning great halls and interior. Connected to the Doge's Palace, this beautiful Basilica is a perfect example of Italo-Byzantine architectural designs. Tourists here have praised the Italian mosaics and large hallways of this Basilica.

Doge’s Palace:

Doge’s Palace

This stunning palace built in 1340 and located in northern Italy is a class apart for its beautiful architecture, large halls, prisons, and underground medieval dungeons! The palace owns some of the most picturesque and artistic wall architecture and beautifully carved white pillars that support the whole palace! Combined with the Saint Mark’s Basilica, this palace is one of the main tourist hotspots in the whole city! Indulge in the sea of its rich history and architecture! We bet you won’t ever forget this place.


St. Mark’s Square:

St. Mark’s Square

Do you want to take some best Instagram pictures for your tour in Italy? Then what place is better than St. Mark's Square? Dominated by the Saint Mark's Basilica, this stunning place is a one-way ticket to get the best exteriors of the famous Venice Basilica in your background photographs. In here, you can find the best of the architectural buildings of Venice, such as the St Mark's Basilica, the Museo Correr, Doge Palace, and so much more to name of!

How to Get Around the City?

Traveling in this water city, one can opt for various means of commute and explore the depths of history here as easily as 1, 2, 3! Read on below to grasp the most suitable means of travel here in this city:

Via Boating:

The primary means of commuting in Venice, Italy, is via boating from one place to another. You might be thinking it must be of a single type; here's where you're wrong! The commuting here in this region via boats is as diverse as the place itself! You can opt for many options of boating here, such as Vaporetto, traghetto, gondola, and the private water taxi.

Via Walking:

If you know your destination quite well, then you should travel through this place on foot! Yes, you heard that right! Most people here prefer walking rather than traveling via various boating options, and it's the fastest way to go around the town from place to place.

Best Hotels to Book for Your Trip:

To get most of your tour in Venice, opting for good Venice Hotels will enhance the trip all around! Check some of the best hotel choices in Venice below:

Aman Venice:

Built on the city's eight beautiful Grand Canal palazzos, this hotel is the best pick for your royal stays here in Venice! Soaked in stunning 18th-century architectural Italian designs, this hotel is best known for its Palazzo kitchen table and spacious luxury rooms.

Hotel Danieli Venice:

Considered a piece of art itself, this hotel will spoil you will all the services it has for you! Starting from its beautiful interior designs, spacious rooms, and, yes, its exquisite rooftop views, which will give you a 360-degree panoramic view of this stunning city of architecture, this hotel gives its guests a vibe of living; in an art museum! The Bar Dandolo and Bar Terrazza Danieli are the tourist's favorite spots to let out their creativity for cocktails.

St Regis Venice:

Featuring a Venetian-style room décor, this place is well-known for its boasting Grand Canal Views and panoramic restaurant along with its bar. Situated in the core of Venice, this place has some stunning Italian marble floors and is famous for serving its guests a much wider option of classic Veneto cuisines.

Hilton Molino Sucky Venice:

Located on the calm and quiet Giudecca Island banks, this hotel is a perfect blend of modern and old architectural designs of Venice, Italy. This hotel was formerly a flour mill, now refurbished into a stunning blend of trendy designs! It is well-known for its rooftop swimming pool, sauna, spacious spa, and delightful breakfast buffet served daily; this hotel is a popular choice for your value stays in Venice!

Cipriani Venice:

Reserve this place if you’re looking for your stays near the region of Doge Palace and calm Venice lagoon views. Known for its tennis court, top-tier wellness facilities, modern-styled interiors, and a great outdoor pool, this luxury 5-star hotel is your one-stop for your recreations! Serving you with an option of an American buffet breakfast each morning, the famous à la carte restaurant here has its widespread fame for serving the best local Italian cuisines at its very best in the city!

To sum up, Venice is your go-to place for its stunning architecture, picturesque scenic views, beautiful 14th-century bridges, local history, and so much more you can think of! Don't think twice about touring this place! Pack your bags and head straight to the best Venice Hotels you can think to have today!

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