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Exploring Venice, Italy – A Comprehensive Guide

By Ashley Rosa, Posted on 14 Jan, 2023 at 12:01 pm

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Welcome to this comprehensive travel guide for planning your trip to one of the most romantic and unique cities in the world - Venice, Italy! From information about transport and money-saving tips to attractions and where to stay - this guide will have you fully prepared to experience the magic and beauty of this city. Whether it’s your first time in Venice or if you’re a seasoned traveler, this guide will provide all the information you need for an unforgettable trip. So get ready to explore the canals and islands of Venice!


General Information:

Venice is located in northeastern Italy and is renowned for its captivating canals and unique architecture. It is made up of a number of small islands interconnected by bridges and canals that flow through the city. Built on wooden piles in shallow marshlands, Venice has maintained its old-world elegance due to its lack of cars – as motorized vehicles are not permitted in the historical center - so be prepared to explore by boat or foot! The city has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with warmer temperatures in the summer months, which is peak tourist season.


Top Attractions:

Venice offers many iconic attractions for visitors to enjoy, from the stunning Piazza San Marco to the impressive Rialto Bridge. From traversing around the canals in gondolas and taking part in a mask-making class to exploring some of Venice’s art galleries and open-air markets – there are plenty of things to do here! The Grand Canal is one of the most popular attractions, lined with its sumptuous palazzos and churches as well as cafes and boutiques - perfect for an afternoon stroll!


Getting To Venice, Italy:

Venice is easy to reach from most major cities in Europe, with direct flights available from many airports. You can also arrive in Venice by train or ferry, depending on your point of departure. Once you’re in the city, getting around is a breeze! The city is connected by gondolas, vaporettos (water buses) and traghetti (ferries). It’s also worth noting that exploring Venice on foot is an experience itself – as walking through its winding alleyways and bridges will have you uncovering hidden gems tucked away within the city!



Public transport in Venice is efficient and affordable. There are two types of public water bus services: one operated by the city and the other operated by ACTV. The city-operated service covers the main routes of Venice, while the ACTV buses cover more remote areas. Tickets can be purchased at any newspaper kiosk or tabacchi (tobacco shops).


Money-saving tips:

Venice is an expensive city, so it’s important to have a plan for saving money when you visit. One tip is to avoid eating in restaurants near tourist attractions as these are usually overpriced. Instead, seek out local eateries away from the hustle and bustle of the center – they generally serve up delicious Italian dishes at more affordable prices! Another way to save some money while exploring Venice is to travel on foot instead of using public transport - not only will you get to experience more of the city, but you’ll also save some euros in the process!


Where to Eat:

Venice is home to a variety of restaurants and cafes, ranging from traditional Italian cuisine to contemporary fusion dishes. For seafood lovers, there are plenty of places where you can savor freshly-caught fish and other seafood delicacies - while those looking for something more luxurious can indulge in one of Venice's fantastic gourmet restaurants. No matter what your taste buds crave, there’s something for everyone in Venice!

Venice Restaurants:

  • Bacarretto SESTIERE S. CROCE, 2098, Venice
    Sicilian restaurant
  • Hostaria Osottoosopra Dorsoduro, 3741, Venice
  • Al Grill Santa Croce, 2097, Venice
  • Trattoria Il Vagone Calle Priuli dei Cavaletti, 106, Venice
  • Alle Corone Hotel Ai Reali, Calle Seconda de la Fava, 5527, Venice
  • Bacaro Quebrado Calle Larga dei Bari, 1107/A, Venice
  • Trattoria Antiche Carampane Rio Terà de le Carampane, 1911, Venice
  • Ristorante Florida Venezia Fondamenta del, Riva del Vin, 733, Venice
  • La Zucca Sestiere Santa Croce 1762, Venice
  • Ai Mercanti Corte Coppo, 4346/a, Venice



If shopping is your thing then prepare yourself for an unforgettable day out in Venice! From small boutiques selling stylish clothes and accessories to larger stores packed with souvenirs, there’s something for everyone in this city. For a truly unique experience, visit the Rialto Market where you can pick up organic fruits and vegetables as well as handcrafted items from local artisans.

Where to Shop in Venice:

  • Nave de Vero Via Pietro Arduino, 20, Venice
    26352 reviews
  • Le Barche mall Piazza 27 Ottobre, 1, Venice
    2554 reviews
  • T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS Calle del Fontego dei Tedeschi, Ponte di Rialto, Venice
    7138 reviews
  • Models Rio Terà dei Nomboli, 2700, Venice
  • Bag Store Calle del Capeler, 1575, Venice
  • Galleria Barcella VE, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy, Venice
    515 reviews
  • Centro Commerciale La Piazza Via Triestina, 54, Venice
    940 reviews


Where to Stay in Venice, Italy:

Accommodation in Venice ranges from budget hostels to luxury hotels. Budget travelers can take advantage of some of the cheaper options available, while those looking for something more luxurious can opt for one of the city’s many 5-star properties. If you’re traveling with your family then it may be worth considering an apartment rental – these are generally more spacious than hotel rooms and they often come equipped with all the necessary amenities. Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to have a great experience in Venice!

Agriturismo Da Merlo
8.8 Very good 16 reviews
Hotel Ariston
5.6 Fabulous 40 reviews
Hotel Airmotel
8.5 Very good 14 reviews

Hotel Vidale
6.4 Pleasant 25 reviews
BB Stay Station
7.4 Good 375 reviews
ao Hotel Venezia Mestre 2
8.7 Very good 865 reviews
Venice Vacation House
9.0 Superb 189 reviews


No matter what your plans for the city may be, there’s no denying that Venice is one of the most beautiful and unique cities in Europe. With its winding canals and spectacular architecture, it’s easy to get lost in its charm – so make sure to take your time and savor every moment of this delightful destination! Have fun exploring Venice!

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